Month: February 2009

  • “Let it Snow…Let it Snow…Let it Snow”

    Having been away in Las Vegas for 10 days, it’s funny how quick reality snaps back to us with the help of frigid -20 C climate in the Great Canadian North.  Despite the weather, there’s certainly beauty all around us…if we actually look at what we’re looking.  =)  I encourage you to take some time […]

  • Leaving Las Vegas

    Hey All, After 9 action packed days at WPPI, Rina and I decided to chillax by spending some quality time together and walking The Strip. 18 of the world’s largest 25 hotels are located on this street in Las Vegas and it’s certainly changed since the last time my parents brought me here back in […]

  • [IS] takes home WPPI 2009 International Competition Awards

    We’re back from our 2nd annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas!! Wow!! What a week it’s been for us! So much has happened, we don’t even know where to begin! We made some great friends (even some folks down in Calgary!) and to our surprise even took home a 3rd Place Award and 5 Accolade of […]

  • [IS] at 2009 WPPI – Jerry Ghionis Workshops

    We’re thrilled to attend Jerry Ghionis’ 2 day plus classes who has revolutionary to our creativity and the way we run our little studio. I’m sure many fellow photographers reading this know who he is, but just to put him into perspective, Jerry Ghionis is THE Michelangelo of modern wedding photography!!! Not only is he […]

  • [IS] at the 2009 WPPI Convention

    The annual WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photography International) Convention is the largest wedding photography event in North America that brings together the best of the best photographers all over the world. Over 12,000 photographers from over 35 countries gathered in Las Vegas: MGM Grand for the past 10 days to live, breath and to celebrate […]