Alexis + Ryan :: Couples…Take Your Best Shot (Edmonton, AB)

Hi peeps, It’s Time!  We’re proud to present you our next “Couples…Take your Best Shot” session. It has been about 6 weeks since we last updated our creative work, though rest assured as things at IS is busier than ever with more Weddings, Lifestyles and E-sessions in the pipeline. Due to overwhelming response, our “Couples…Take your Best Shot” sessions are officially closed for this season. These sessions are made to explore our artistic concepts and involve real couples who are looking for truly unique images.

For our latest creative set, it is inspired by the “Toyota Matrix” commercial they used to play during the previews at the movie theatres. Contrary to our daylight photography, we want to offer something different and test the limits of our equipment (lighting, camera ISO, and lenses) by shooting at night. We quickly realize that night photography is double the challenge as both lighting and ‘camara shake’ are major issues to overcome while capturing flow & motion.

Special thanks goes out to our couple, Alexis and Ryan, for their stunning looks and for bringing their beautiful ride. Also, Big Kudos to Kristine (our IS lighting goddess) and Kingsley (our IS stunt driver), for their help with this midnight IS production…(Three bodies hanging off the side of an SUV in motion, with spotlights beaming into oncoming traffic isn’t exactly what we had in mind…but it’s definitely a night to remember.  😀 )

Here are a few shots from our session. Enjoy! Love to hear your comments.

~Anthony + Rina

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One response to “Alexis + Ryan :: Couples…Take Your Best Shot (Edmonton, AB)”

  1. Alexis Miciak Avatar
    Alexis Miciak

    Hey Anthony & Rina! The pictures look absolutely fabulous! We were dying with anticipation, but it was well worth the wait!

    When we first looked at the photos, we were blown away by your ability to capture the moment. The first one is so intensely passionate that looking at it makes me blush, lol. And the close-up of us on the bike? It’s amazing – especially if you consider all the technical work that was involved with getting that one perfect shot. You guys even risked a run-in with the cops!!! That’s dedication.

    You guys were great to work with, despite being a little slow with the diet cokes, haha, j/k. I really felt that you selected a theme for our shoot that matched our personalities and the dynamics of our relationship. As you both know, Ryan proposed to me by taking me on a bike ride up a mountain so this photo shoot was very close to our hearts.

    The fact that you had a script per se of the various shots you wanted to try worked well too because it kept everything moving at a steady pace. I also appreciated your guidance when it came time to strike a pose, but I also think that it might be beneficial at times to allow your models greater flexibility/spontaneity.

    I like how our pictures show a storyboard, from the first solitary shot of the bike to the shots of us cruising down the city streets all fast and furious. You guys did a great job and Ryan and I are looking forward to doing some cool things with the pics. Thank you for choosing us! It was a wonderful opportunity and a great way to spend a summer evening!


    Alexis & Ryan