Amanda + Steve :: Couples…Take Your Best Shot (Edmonton, AB)

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Recent newlyweds Amanda and Steve contacted us to be part of our “couples take your best shot”. We couldn’t wait for this opportunity. Amanda hadn’t washed her dress just yet, so it was perfect timing for all of us.  Anthony and I wanted to shoot the Highlevel tunnel for a while now and since the chartered service happened to be afterhours, most of our brides couldn’t take up that offer.

It was a great adventure for Amanda and Steve to ride the streetcar, since it was both their first time.  Steve’s expression over the Highlevel Bridge was pretty hilarious, like a little kid in a candy store. He wanted the doors to be opened so he could see the sunset, as Amanda chilled inside the train watching and made sure he didn’t do anything stupid. :O)

Thank you Amanda and Steve for letting us bring our creative side in the work that we do and we hope that you had a great experience with us as well. It was a pleasure to witness your love for each other in such a short period of time.

Your pals,

~Rina + Anthony

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5 responses to “Amanda + Steve :: Couples…Take Your Best Shot (Edmonton, AB)”

  1. Amanda & Steven Avatar
    Amanda & Steven

    WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! The pictures look AMAZING!!!!! Thank you!!! You guys are great!! The photos look like they’re from a magazine! It was a great experience. You guys gave so much direction and made us feel so comfortable during the whole shoot! If you ever need models again let us know!! I will definately recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer!! Thanks again! Fabulous shots guys!!!

  2. Kristina Avatar

    I know I am not a professional photographer…but…You make me feel like every photo I have ever taken is beyond inadequate…you are amazing…I am both envious and awestruck by your talent…bravo…

  3. Jennifer Bergman Avatar

    Stunning! Great idea!

  4. Kelly Redinger Avatar

    Wow! Great work you guys! Fantastic lighting…and what a cool locations. Well done.

  5. Julianne Avatar

    These photos are stunning, unbelievable!