Jessica + Peter :: E-Session (Vegreville, AB)

Jessica and Peter, your hospitality was incredible and what an action packed two days. It was beautiful to hear how you met and fell in love. Your down to earth personality shows through and your love with each other is remarkable.

We had such a blast with your “over the top” tour of Vegreville. The aerial view was impressive. It’s so awesome see the different crop patterns from harvest season. We also got a chance to meet Jazz, your furry friend, who decided not to go back into the car during the rain storm as the four of us tried chasing her back in. Both Anthony and I are city kids and for you guys to show us around your farm fields of wheat, barley and of course corn was amazing. Not only that, but we also got to know a bit more of the cattle business on “Spring Creek Ranch”. Wow, I have never seen this much cattle in my life. Thanks to Jessica for showing us a little bit of her grandfather and for shooting in the little old house that he used to live in.

It was such a pleasure witnessing your love for each other and your love for the countryside. We are delighted to be shooting your wedding next February.

Your friends,

~Anthony + Rina

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  1. Selena Avatar

    Jessica and Peter your pictures are awesome! love the one with Jazz. So cute!!!