Year: 2010

  • Philana + Gary :: Flavours (Calgary/Lake Louise, AB) E-Session

    Words by Maureen Young Half their party was 3/4 of the way up the mountain feeding their baby as Philana + Gary stood at the top of Chinaman’s peak with all of Canmore spread out below them like a miniature town.  Gary, not one for romance but one for romantic gestures, asked Philana to marry […]

  • Stephanie and Ryan :: Thriller (Edmonton, AB) Part III of III

    Words by Maureen Young “But now I know just who you are And I know you hold my heart Finally this is where I belong It is you I have loved all along” ~ It Is You (I haved loved) by Dana Glover The Oasis conference centre was transformed into a glamorous and personal enchanted […]

  • Stephanie and Ryan :: Treasury (Edmonton, AB) Part II of III

    Words by Maureen Young The Treasury was the perfect locale for a quick creative session with Steph + Ryan.  Big thanks to our good friend Sam Tu for arranging an exclusive all access pass for us (it was so all access Ryan even checked out the girls washroom after discovering a TV in the gents!).  […]

  • Stephanie and Ryan :: I Did it My Way (Edmonton, AB) Part I of III

    Words by Maureen Young We are absolutely, jaw-droppingly impressed with Steph + Ryan.  We heard about the 2 years of planning during their e-session and how they’d worked out all the details a wedding planner is usually responsible for; from the wedding stationary to flowers and decor.  But we were still blown away by how […]

  • Fall Fashion :: Infused Studios + Edmonton Journal (Sept 2010)

    Photographers and Art Directors :: Infused Studios (Anthony + Rina Chan) Kira Hladun epitomizes the beauty, charm and character of a young Saturday musician; immersing herself in music while indulging in the world around her and embracing the inspiration found from an outdoor table at a cafe and the relaxing sounds of water in a […]