Month: May 2010

  • Image Focus :: Silhouettes

    Finding inspiration on a gray day where rain clouds are blotting out the sun and threatening showers at any moment is tough! I’ve dug into Infused Studios’ archives and am inspired by the absence of light and playing with the contrasts of shadowy figures set against a lit background. After all, when you take away […]

  • Carmen + Shaun :: E-session (Edmonton)

    Full Circle… To commemorate Carmen + Shaun’s engagement we reflected on their past and brought them back to where their life as a couple began: University of Alberta campus.  While they were studying on campus they met in a student bar and we wanted to circle back to their relationship roots to incorporate a bit […]

  • Lan + Troy :: Love (Mayan Riviera, Mexico) Part III of III

    “Life is too short to live alone Without someone to call my own I will care for you, you will care for me Our love will live forever” ~ Shower me with your love, Surface We love having the time and opportunity to do a Creative session with our couples.  It gives us a chance […]

  • Lan + Troy :: Celebrate (Mayan Riviera, Mexico) Part II of III

    You may now kiss the bride… And let the celebrations begin!  Guests raised (more than) a glass to toast Mr and Mrs Phan and wish them luck in their marriage.  While in Mexico, the tipple of choice – Tequila! Shot glasses of Tequila boom-boom (a mixture of tequila, grenadine and soda) were passed around and […]

  • Lan + Troy :: A Mexican Marriage (Mayan Riviera, Mexico) – Part I of III

    Sundrenched days for lovers to toil away the hours swimming amongst the fish in crystal clear blue water or lounging by the pool with a fresh margarita in hand.  Palm trees dotted along the beach providing shelter from the sun’s harsh rays and a momentary respite from the heat.  An idyllic setting for Lan & […]