Month: June 2010

  • Rachelle + Len :: Cenote (Cancun, Mexico) Part III of III

    We love destination weddings!  The couples are relaxed and enjoying themselves because they’re on holiday and the guests create this fantastic intimate and loving group.  Best of all, we can do creatives the day after so the couple can simply enjoy time with their guests on their wedding day.  Len + Rachelle were absolute stars […]

  • Rachelle + Len :: Dance (Cancun, Mexico) Part II of III

    You have my heart We’ll never be worlds apart … When the sun shines we’ll shine together Told you I’ll be here forever Said I’ll always be your friend Took an oath, I’m going to stick it out ’till the end ~ Umbrella, performed by Scott Simons As the sun set on their first day […]

  • Rachelle + Len :: Dreams (Cancun, Mexico) Part I of III

    The warmth of the Mexican sun, the warmth of close family & friends… a birthday, a wedding & a holiday all in one.  We had a blast during Len + Rachelle’s Coney Island e-session where we saw their fun, goofy sides. In Cancun, it was dreams becoming reality. Love & Laboutins – the two seem […]

  • Karen + Sam :: I Did It My Way (Seattle, WA, USA) – Part III of III

    Karen + Sam’s bright wedding colours and the  smiles on everyone’s faces lit up the marquee at the Golf Club at Newcastle. The celebrations kicked off with a live band.  The heartfelt speeches brought tears of joy, laughter and happiness.  Particularly as no one could help themselves in making fun of one another’s countries! The […]

  • Karen + Sam :: An Urban Affair (Seattle, WA, USA) – Part II of III

    A gorgeous girl (doesn’t Karen look a bit like Catherine Zeta-Jones with the long luscious hair?), a dashing man…. Urban luxury begins with a bride and her groom’s wallet. No man has ever looked so happy being ‘mugged.’ After all, Karen’s already stolen Sam’s heart! What’s a wallet after that ;)? The rain took us […]