Month: September 2010

  • Lisa + Ken :: May I Have This Dance (Edmonton, AB) Part II of II

    Words by Maureen Young Ken’s idea of a wedding schedule? Go from Hotel McDonald to McDonald’s for some McChicken.  So en route to doing creative portraits with the bridal party and immediate family, they stopped off at McDs.  Note to all chicken Mcnugget lovers, mosquitos find you irresistible after!  We know this from first hand […]

  • Lisa + Ken :: McLove (Edmonton, AB) Part I of II

    Words by Maureen Young When you’ve lived in the shadows before having an epiphany, codenames are par for course.  Lisa + Ken, aka Bridezilla + Godzilla, made us laugh when we got the zilla itinerary.  There was more laughs than roars though on their wedding day. Lisa and her 5 bridemaids filled the salon with […]

  • Meezy + Sam wedding :: Forever (Edmonton, AB) Part III of III

    Words by Maureen Young What better way to cap a 5 day celebration than by partying into the early hours of the morning?  Before the festivities began, we had some time for creatives with the couple and got the insider’s scoop on how Sam + Meezy were settling into married life.  Sam was already asking […]

  • Meezy + Sam :: Bounded by Love (Edmonton, AB) Part II of III

    Words by Maureen Young The Gharoli ceremony, where Sam’s future sister-in-law and other female relatives fill a pitcher with water and bathe the room, caught Anton off guard.  A serious shake up from other weddings Infused Studios’ has captured, this getting ready involved photographing a half naked groom in a tub surrounded by female relatives!  […]

  • Meezy + Sam :: Sangeet, Mednhi and Vatna (Edmonton, AB) Part I of III

    Words by Maureen Young We shot Meezy + Sam in a Bowling Alley Romance back in July and were excited about our first 5 day wedding shoot and experiencing a Sikh wedding.  This is a landmark wedding for us as it’s our first East Indian Wedding and we’d like to thank Meezy + Sam and their […]