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Lisa + Ken :: May I Have This Dance (Edmonton, AB) Part II of II

Words by Maureen Young

Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Ken’s idea of a wedding schedule? Go from Hotel McDonald to McDonald’s for some McChicken.  So en route to doing creative portraits with the bridal party and immediate family, they stopped off at McDs.  Note to all chicken Mcnugget lovers, mosquitos find you irresistible after!  We know this from first hand experience and no, loading up on bug spray does not work!

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The reception opened with The Wonder Girls – Lisa’s bridesmaids had choreographed a phenomenal routine to ‘Nobody’ which definitely set the standard!  As Lisa + Ken both have a dance background (she does Chinese dancing, he breakdances), guests had to dance if they wanted the couple to kiss.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Ryosuke, a breakdancer himself, was up for the challenge.  His routine, including back flips and some seriously wicked spins, took it up a notch and wowed the other guests as they all waited for the Lisa + Ken quiz to get the couple to kiss.

Edmonton Wedding Photography

Romy Young, awesome friend and photographer extraordinaire, did a great job as mc, keeping guests entertained with humour and introducing the games.  The newlyweds were set against one another as they competed to see who could drink water the fastest… out of the thinnest and longest straw imaginable!  When Lisa won, Ken had to drink a powdered grass drink, which tasted as bad as it looked!

Calgary Wedding PhotographersCalgary Wedding Photographer

The couple also had to take turns popping balloons on each other’s laps and Ken tried to enjoy Lisa feeding him a cupcake but it was a messy go.

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The speeches showed how important family + friends are to Lisa + Ken.  As they made their thank you speeches, tears welled up and when Ken thanked his beautiful wife, all the bridesmaids wiped away tears.

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As a surprise, Ken and his groom’s men put together 2 music videos for his bride; recreating ‘As Long As You Love Me’ and ‘I Want it That Way’ move by cheesy boy band move, for Lisa’s delight.

Edmonton Wedding Photographers

As Lisa + Ken have such strong dance backgrounds, their first dance was an amazing routine showcasing all their rhythm and skills.

Edmonton Wedding PhotographerEdmonton Wedding PhotographyEdmonton Wedding PhotographersCalgary Wedding Photographers

After all the games and an amazing first dance by the newlyweds, everyone took to the dance floor to celebrate into the night.

Calgary Wedding PhotographerEdmonton Wedding Photographers

Lisa + Ken, thank you for an amazing day!  Your dance moves were incredible and if you ever want to take on the challenge of teaching a two left feet couple to dance, we’ll be the first in line.  Sharing in the happiness of your big day and capturing moments that definitely made us go ‘wow’ is an absolute pleasure and we can’t wait to share the images with you.

To Rachelle + Len, our lighting assistants, you guys rock!  It was great to see those muscles you stretched in Mexico are still in top form ;)  and thanks to Mattaw as well – you guys do good work!

Anthony + Rina