Month: January 2011

  • Philana + Gary Wedding :: Shine (Oahu, Hawaii) Part III of III

    Words by Maureen Young A 6am wake up call ensured we captured the morning light from the top of Honolulu.  It was a thrill to introduce Philana + Gary to a new area of their favourite travel destination.  The view was breathtaking; looking out over the city and ocean, it felt like being on top […]

  • Philana + Gary Wedding :: Better Together (Oahu, Hawaii) Part II of III

    Words by Maureen Young “There is no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard No song that I could sing, but I can try for your heart Our dreams, and they are made out of real things Like a, shoebox of photographs With sepiatone loving Love is the answer, At […]

  • Philana + Gary Wedding :: Paradise (Oahu, Hawaii) Part I of III

    Words by Maureen Young Hawaii was a fitting destination for 2 people who met through their love of travelling and for Philana, who had travelled to Hawaii with family many times before (her dad went to University there and took his family back for holidays), it was her dream location.  50 guests from around the […]

  • Jenny + Maury :: Chasing Rainbows (Jasper, AB) E-Session

    Words by Maureen Young Jenny + Maury are two fish who are no longer out there.  After meeting via Plenty of Fish, they had an instant connection and one of those Hollywood romcom coffees at Tim Horton’s.  From a nail gripping car journey over 3 blocks to the ‘save me’ call, it was like something […]

  • Philana + Gary Wedding :: (Oahu, Hawaii) Teasers

    Happy New Years!!! Let’s kick this one off with the latest sneak peek from the I.S. pipeline! Paradise in Hawaii! Beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets and a new love affair with Costco!?? =) (Yes indeed!, 3 words…AHI TUNA POKE!) Glad to keep you on your toes, Philana + Gary! Stay tuned for more coming next week […]