Month: April 2011

  • Kate + Will :: Live (London, England)

    Royal Wedding – Live By Maureen Young For 29th April, I will be taking over Infused Studios’ Facebook and Twitter to share photos, stories and news from London during the Royal Wedding.  From some (hopefully!) amazing vantage point along the processional route, I’ll be in the midst of the hundreds of thousands expected and a […]

  • Kate + Will :: The Schedule (London, England)

    Posted By Maureen Young 32 Likes!  I’ll be on The Mall (or in the area) tomorrow unless it rains – if you’re in London, maybe I’ll see you amongst the crowd.  For those thinking of staying up/waking up early to watch Kate + Will’s wedding, the official Royal Wedding wedding programme is below.  As for […]

  • Nancy + Garrett :: Artisan (Edmonton, AB) Part II of II

    Words by Maureen Young Yes you’re lovely, with your smile so warm And your cheeks so soft, There is nothing for me but to love you, And the way you look tonight. ~ The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra Nancy + Garrett’s wedding was an urban affair; from Hotel MacDonald the guests could walk […]

  • Nancy + Garrett :: A Cut Above (Edmonton, AB) Part I of II

    Words by Maureen Young Imagine going in for a haircut and walking out with the possibility of love.  That’s what happened to Nancy one fateful day when, during her haircut, her hairdresser Tommie mentioned that she had been thinking about setting Nancy up with certain someone for a couple of years.  After seeing Garrett’s photo […]

  • Kate + Wills :: Royal Wedding (London, England)

    Words by Maureen Young Click Like. Would you join the thousands expected on The Mall next Friday to celebrate what’s been touted as the Wedding of the Decade? Infused Studios’ wordsmith, Maureen Young, is offering to do just that & Facebook about it BUT only if enough people ‘Like’ the idea. Infused Studios’ live coverage […]