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Infused Studios :: Awards of Excellence (2011 WPPI Competition)

Words by  Maureen Young

2011 WPPI Award (4x6)-1001

WOW!!!! To say we’re excited is a bit like saying Despicable Me’s Agnes (a.k.a Rina in cartoon form) kinda likes stuffed animals.  It’s SO SHINY!  (awards can clearly not be fluffy) We were in the Dominican Republic shooting Lucy + Jimmy’s destination wedding during the Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International (WPPI) convention in February 2011 and weren’t able to attend the amazingness collaged below.


Infused Studios placed 3rd in the non-event, informal album category for The Pursuit.

“Aside from the quality of the photography itself, what stood out most with the judges was the strong storytelling quality of the album. There was clear agreement that this album was one of the strongest with regards to creating a narrative. The judges also commented on how the album also appeared in a sort of product catalog format wherein certain products (i.e the lipstick) are emphasized without detracting from the couple or the story being told.”
~ Chris Wiltz, Features Editor, Rangefinder Magazine


In addition to placing third, 5 of Infused Studios’ albums received Accolades of Excellence;

:: Carmen + Shaun

:: Helena + Yun

:: Lan + Troy

:: Stephanie + Ryan (we are currently submitting this wedding for publication)

:: Lisa + Ken (for the ‘her’ e-session)

An Accolade of Excellence is awarded for albums and prints that received a minimum score of 80 (out of 100).

Accolade of Excellence Album :: Carmen + Shaun (cover)


Accolade of Excellence Album :: Helena + Yun (pagespreads)Untitled-3

Accolade of Excellence Album :: Lan + Troy (cover)


Accolade of Excellence Album :: Stephanie + Ryan (pagespreads)Untitled-4

Accolade of Excellence Album :: Lisa + Ken (Epiphany)KL1001

Infused Studios was awarded Accolades of Excellence in the print competition as well.  When we first entered the WPPI competitions, we hadn’t even been trading for a year and entered the 2009 WPPI competition for constructive feedback from our peers.  We were incredibly honored to receive 3rd place in the Premier Category for ‘Creation of Audrey’ as well as 4 Accolades of Excellence. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength; in 2010 we received 7 Accolades of Excellence and from 2011, 3rd place plus 9 Accolades of Excellence, including 4 from the print competitions.  The winning prints are…

Accolade of Excellence :: (Bride + Groom Together)  :: Helena + Yun


Accolade of Excellence :: (Bridal Group) :: Helena + Yun


Accolade of Excellence :: (Bride + Groom Together) :: Carmen + Shaun


Accolade of Excellence :: (Engagement) :: Stephanie + Ryan


THANK YOU to all of the couples who have inspired the work we do and for trusting us with your love stories.  Love. You. Always.