Infused Studios :: Best of 2010 Love Stories (Slideshow)

Words by Anthony and Rina

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THANK YOU to all the couples who shared their love stories with us in 2010!

It was a great 2010 for us and we feel so blessed to have made such great friends with all of our couples. You guys are awesome!  Thank you for letting us be part of your special day. Every wedding was special to our hearts, whether we were shooting in the rain, in the middle of the night, in the cold, or blistering  sun, you guys did it and there are always stories to talk about.  And as our clients say, it isn’t easy to model with us (most hadn’t realized the shoot doubled as a workout).  Hee hee.  Love you all!

To our dear friend Maureen, marketer/writer extraordinaire, you are one awesome chicky! Amazing, amazing. we bow down to you. For those of you readers/fans who don’t know, Maureen got married and moved last year to be with her husband in London, England.  She has been with the IS family from the start for all of our clients’ love stories. Words cannot express how much we miss you back home. The same question that everyone keeps asking her is “when are you coming to visit us?” If more people keep asking, she just might! :O)

At the end of the day, we are very humbled to have this wonderful job and for the friends we’ve made along the way. Thanks to our family and friends who believe in us. We thank all of you who have been our guinea pigs (you know who you are!)

As we kick start our 2011 wedding season, please stay tuned for more adventures across  North America. Can’t wait to share some new creatives and ideas with you folks.

Without further adieu…we have…. drumroll please… our curated collection of The Best of 2010 to share!

Love. You. Always.

~Anthony + Rina