Lucy + Jimmy Wedding :: Splash (Punta Cana, Dominican) Part II of III

Words by Maureen Young

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“I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Well, every moment spent with you
Is a moment I treasure”

~ I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, Aerosmith

We couldn’t resist a romantic stroll on the beach, particularly as that Jimmy’s dream wedding focused on the beach!  Prior to the pool-side dinner, we were fortunate to have some time with Lucy + Jimmy in the sunset hours.

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The reception took place in a rustic wooden structure by the pool; decorated with sheer white curtains and lit by hanging lanterns.  The deep purple wedding colour was integrated in the table cloth, chair sashes and floral decorations on the cake.  Having the dinner pool-side really brought in the warm weather (& the mischievous side of Jimmy’s sisters!).  Everyone enjoyed the buffet dinner (Jimmy’s parents dined on 3 trays of lobster!) and washed down with some bubbly before the dance floor was opened by Lucy + Jimmy with an instrumental version of ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.’  Ella, the flower girl, really got the dance floor going when Bruno Mars came on!   Her enthusiasm was infectious as her grandparents and grand-uncles and aunts joined her on the dance floor.

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Jimmy’s sisters decided the perfect way to end the night would be to throw their brother and his new bride into the pool – and they even let him change into swimming shorts first!  For Jimmy, being thrown into the water was a bit of a flashback to high school.  Jimmy and Anthony in high school, who were both members of the ‘War Canoe’ team that capsized on Wascana Lake during a practice session (sans life jackets of course),  Anthony lost his balance and took his whole team out with him and Jimmy held another team member, Jason, under water while struggling to stay afloat.  Fortunately, since that fateful day, Jimmy’s swimming prowess has improved and he wasn’t holding anyone under water to stay afloat!

Lucy bailed out of being thrown into the pool, but was happy to watch as her new husband made a splash!  Lucy may not have made the same splash as Jimmy, but did end up in the pool for a midnight trash the dress session.

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That P90x is really working for Jimmy, so much so, he took of his shirt to show off his muscles!  At 3am we were pool-side once again but the buffet had long gone and we dined on fries, chicken wings and pina coladas while reminiscing.

If the ‘I Jump You Jump’ cartoon from Part I caught your eye, you’ll find out its significance in Part III!

Until that jump,