Year: 2012

  • 2012 :: Most Talked About Images

    Words by Maureen Young It’s been an amazing year!!  We are incredibly honoured to be entrusted with your love stories & privileged to be able to travel to some amazing places with our couples.  Photography truly is our passion & we’re blessed to have such gorgeous couples inspire us. This year, our Top 10 has […]

  • Angela + Michael :: Wedding Teaser (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

    Congratulations Angela + Michael!!…where do I even begin with you two?? From blazing gunfire and explosions in your e-session to bank vaults and mob boss portraiture on your wedding. Never a dull moment, and we love it when you’re always pushing our creative buttons. A+M, it was an intimate wedding which we will all remember. […]

  • Jenn + Randy :: Wedding Teaser (Edmonton, AB)

    Jenn + Randy, big congrats to you guys! It just seems like yesterday when you and I are walking the Uni halls going to Cookies by George for those awesome “Vanilla Creamer Coffee + Cookie” combos…before 6pm design classes. LOL, we’re all grown up now…sort of… 😉 Really cool watching Randy + his mother bust […]

  • Angela + Michael :: Poetic Experience Teaser (Edmonton, AB)

    Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a wonderful turkey weekend. Here’s a sneak peek from our latest ‘poetic project’ feat. Angela + Michael. We can’t wait to unveil this special album in its fullness which was shot entirely in B+W. In the meantime, enjoy and stay tuned. 😀 Your friends, ~Antrina

  • Rita + Anderson :: Wedding Teaser (Calgary, AB)

    Rita + Anderson! Congrats to your amazing day! Seriously unreal to watch your lion dance crew bust out “Oppa Gangnam Style”! Awesome times as always with you guys…no matter if we’re trekking all the valleys of Cochrane, or island hopping in Calgary downtown. Enjoy married life!  We’ll check in with you two lovebirds again soon. […]