Month: October 2012

  • Angela + Michael :: Wedding Teaser (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

    Congratulations Angela + Michael!!…where do I even begin with you two?? From blazing gunfire and explosions in your e-session to bank vaults and mob boss portraiture on your wedding. Never a dull moment, and we love it when you’re always pushing our creative buttons. A+M, it was an intimate wedding which we will all remember. […]

  • Jenn + Randy :: Wedding Teaser (Edmonton, AB)

    Jenn + Randy, big congrats to you guys! It just seems like yesterday when you and I are walking the Uni halls going to Cookies by George for those awesome “Vanilla Creamer Coffee + Cookie” combos…before 6pm design classes. LOL, we’re all grown up now…sort of… 😉 Really cool watching Randy + his mother bust […]

  • Angela + Michael :: Poetic Experience Teaser (Edmonton, AB)

    Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a wonderful turkey weekend. Here’s a sneak peek from our latest ‘poetic project’ feat. Angela + Michael. We can’t wait to unveil this special album in its fullness which was shot entirely in B+W. In the meantime, enjoy and stay tuned. 😀 Your friends, ~Antrina