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  • Lucy + Jimmy Wedding :: Full Circle (Punta Cana, Dominican) Part I of III

    Words by Maureen Young Escaping the chill of Canadian winter for the sunshine of the Dominican Republic with an old high school friend = Awesome!  We felt incredibly privileged to be at Lucy + Jimmy’s wedding as it was strictly a family only affair & no friends were invited (except us!).  We had a blast […]

  • Lucy + Jimmy :: February Song (Punta Cana, Dominican) E-session

    Words by Maureen Young Jimmy, like Anton, is a fellow alumni of Regina’s Campbell Collegiate High School.  Whereas Anton went West to pursue his passion (Mechanical Engineering) and find the girl of his dreams (Rina), Jimmy went East to study Computer Engineering and found the girl of his dreams , Lucy, one February day.   Lucy […]

  • Natasha & Luc – Edmonton, AB

    You guys are the goofiest, quirkiest couple we had the pleasure to shoot, and it definitely shows in your photos. We had so much fun with your family and friends that we almost forgot we`re your photographers! Keep up the happy-go-lucky attitudes and stay tuned for more from us! xoxo Ant and Rina If you want […]

  • San & Pete – Edmonton, AB

    True Acura Style! It was quite comical trying to arrange a flying V formation with 4 Acuras and an Impala (luckily we found an Acura replacement 😛 ). We have to commend you for such creative door games, though most of which are questionable for beyond PG-18!!. Your quirky personalities shine through your true love […]