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  • Dawn + Troy :: Wedding Teaser (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

    Hello folks!! We wanted to share a big congrats to Dawn and Troy! Over this past weekend, we had the pleasure to photograph their fairytale wedding; complete with butterflies and a flare of MMA!! YES!! Mixed Martial Arts!! It’s very fitting of Troy, co-owner of AFC, to exchange vows with Dawn at the center of […]

  • April + Mike :: Wedding Teaser (St. Albert, Canada)

    Hey folks!! We’d like to share a sneak peek from April + Mike’s amazing wedding at the St. Albert Enjoy Centre last weekend. It was so much fun trying to keep up with all the kids while they were “mopping” up the dance floor.  A+M, have a blast in San Fran! We’ll be picking your […]

  • Tram + Andrew :: Wedding Teaser (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

    Latest from hometown Edmonton at the AGA! Tram and Andrew, you guys are the real deal human Karaoke machine! 🙂 Rina and I thoroughly enjoyed all the BSB and N’sync sing-alongs…and there were maybe a few secret dance bust outs in between. 😀 Good times! Love you always, ~Anthony + Rina

  • Lisa + Drew :: Engagement Session (Edmonton, AB)

    Sometimes you never know what the night skies will look like until you stare at it. Not only did we have a fun shooting on the roof top with Lisa & Drew under the stars, but there was also a full moon! (Bonus points for added romance). Thank you Lisa & Drew for a wonderful […]

  • Angela + Michael :: Wedding Teaser (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

    Congratulations Angela + Michael!!…where do I even begin with you two?? From blazing gunfire and explosions in your e-session to bank vaults and mob boss portraiture on your wedding. Never a dull moment, and we love it when you’re always pushing our creative buttons. A+M, it was an intimate wedding which we will all remember. […]