Tag: Fashion

  • Fall Fashion :: Infused Studios + Edmonton Journal (Sept 2010)

    Photographers and Art Directors :: Infused Studios (Anthony + Rina Chan) Kira Hladun epitomizes the beauty, charm and character of a young Saturday musician; immersing herself in music while indulging in the world around her and embracing the inspiration found from an outdoor table at a cafe and the relaxing sounds of water in a […]

  • Andrea + Chris :: You’re All I Ever Wanted (Edmonton, AB) Part I of II

    Words by Maureen Young Sexy, sophisticated, cool and utterly Canadian;  Andrea + Chris showcased their talent on the ice and their love for one another through their love of the sport – hockey – in Moonlight + Ice.  Their love story began when Andrea’s little sister, Jamie, and her husband, John, decided that her sister […]

  • Ken + Lisa :: ‘His’ E-Session (Edmonton, AB)

    Our Facebook and Twitter followers were the first to see these images released.  The visual story unfolded with minute accuracy in keeping with the storyline of the shoot.  What can happen in an hour? The Pursuit. Fashion met theatricality as we took to the shadows of downtown Edmonton for the first of a 2 part […]

  • Rhiannon + Paul :: Happily Ever After (Edmonton, AB)

    Love is the answer At least for most of the questions in my heart, Like why are we here? And where do we go? … I’ll tell you one thing, its always better when we’re together ~ Better Together, Jack Johnson One week in Edmonton.  Rhiannon received her Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting, from the University […]

  • Rachelle + Len :: Cenote (Cancun, Mexico) Part III of III

    We love destination weddings!  The couples are relaxed and enjoying themselves because they’re on holiday and the guests create this fantastic intimate and loving group.  Best of all, we can do creatives the day after so the couple can simply enjoy time with their guests on their wedding day.  Len + Rachelle were absolute stars […]