Karen + Jacky :: Engagement Teaser Destination: Edmonton, Alberta

  • Karen + Jacky :: Edmonton Engagement Photographers

Karen loves it when Jacky smiles, and when they are together, Jacky beams with laughter and you can see the smile Karen loves. According to Jacky’s sister Amy and brother-in-law Howard, he never smiles unless he’s around Karen. Karen is just a happy go lucky girl and she just exudes happiness around Jacky.

These guys are soooooo cute together. Karen’s voice is so sweet and funny and Jacky’s voice is so nice and calming! It’s awesome!!! Karen has the best expressions as she’s such an animated person. As much as we love happy go lucky people, we were smitten with Jacky. Maybe it’s working as a family doctor that has given his voice such an incredibly soothing tone, but whatever it is, we could listen to him talk about anything all day long!

So looking forward to the big day. Love you both!


– Rina and Anthony

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Words by Rina

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