Karmen + Abel :: Fall Engagement Destination: Edmonton, Alberta

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Karma’s great sometimes! Abel was helping a friend move from Edmonton to Calgary and because of that, he met Karmen 🙂 Cindy, who is now Karmen’s sister-in-law, was also helping that day and set Karmen + Abel up. It took a couple of tries, because Abel didn’t ask for Karmen’s phone number on their first meeting, but helpfully Cindy was able to pass it on (after getting the ok from Karmen that is).

With a 2-part ‘how we met’ story, it seemed fitting to have a 2-part engagement session 🙂 This is part one; a sunset walk through the tall grass. Part two is a Rocky Mountain get away for ice hockey inspired engagement photos!

I have to admit I was blown away when you guys were shooting Karmen, just looking at her with the sun and light just glowing around her, made me think….”I’m a lucky guy, don’t screw it up”.  I have to laugh as it was pretty funny to barely see Anton “paparazzi” us in the long grass and in the trees.  Stalker much? – Abel

Stalk ya later! 😉

~Anthony + Rina

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Words by Maureen

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