Ada + David :: Poetic Experience Teaser Destination: Kelowna, BC

  • Ada + David :: Kelowna wedding photography

Ada + David have always said that Kelowna was their favourite place, and what a place it is! So many beautiful locations, great food, great drinks and great friends. It’s a total paradise and retreat from a busy work life.

It was so much fun hanging out with Ada + David. We got a chance to get to know them a lot more. Ada loves her Korean dramas and David love his hair 🙂 Both are sooo happpy go lucky.

Ada + David, your wedding will be so FABULOUS and it would have been awesome for us to join you guys. Take lots of great pictures. It will be a great wedding!!!!!

Love you both!

Anthony + Rina

P.S. Yes Dave, you are made for this modeling career 🙂

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Words by Rina

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