The Dosser Family Session – Edmonton, AB

When we first arrived at your door, little Geoffrey already captured our hearts with his playful spirit. Add Madeleine and Alex to the bunch and you get more than you bargained for in laughs and fun. Simple things like…skipping rocks by the river…rolling in the leaves…running across the bridge…all shows that you guys are a tight loving family.

Hugs and kisses,

Ant and Rina

Edmonton Wedding PhotographersGroup Hug!!Edmonton Wedding PhotographersThey love to enjoy family time together on this trail that’s close to their home.  We hope our images will bring many great memories for years down the road.  Edmonton Wedding PhotographersDespite the controlled chaos from Geoffrey and Madeleine, Alex still gets motherly bonding time.  =)Edmonton Wedding PhotographersEdmonton Wedding PhotographersWe love how this simple photograph speaks volumes on each member of their family on five.  =)Edmonton Wedding PhotographersEick!!!Edmonton Wedding PhotographersWe smile every time we look at this image as it truly brings out his peronality. Edmonton Wedding PhotographersEdmonton Wedding PhotographersTreats for everyone at the end this wild photoshoot! =)Edmonton Wedding Photographers