Lucy + Jimmy :: February Song (Punta Cana, Dominican) E-session

Words by Maureen Young

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Jimmy, like Anton, is a fellow alumni of Regina’s Campbell Collegiate High School.  Whereas Anton went West to pursue his passion (Mechanical Engineering) and find the girl of his dreams (Rina), Jimmy went East to study Computer Engineering and found the girl of his dreams , Lucy, one February day.   Lucy accompanied a group of friends to Waterloo University for the ‘You at Waterloo Engineering’  day although she wasn’t keen on engineering (she’s now an accountant), the temptation of a legitimate day off school and the convenience of a friend opting out so there was room in the car was serendipity, as was Jimmy’s kind heart.  Jimmy wasn’t meant to be acting as guide that day, but his friend had organised the event and he had offered to help if needed and got a call first thing accepting the offer for help.

A movie inspired Jimmy to persuade Lucy that their love story belonged on a beach rather than in Vegas and 9 years after their first meeting, they landed in the Dominican Republic, with 14 of their family members.

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The resort provided a series of fantastic locations with its grande interior, colonial shopping area and of course, the beach of Jimmy’s dream wedding.  We started the shoot at 11am and carried on until sunset.  Both Lucy + Jimmy are ardent fans of P90x, a fitness and diet regime that meant they were well prepared for the rigours of an Infused Studios shoot!  Jimmy learned the hard way that no matter how fit you may be, if you’re shirt is loose & there’s wind, it’ll make you look fat…. (Infused Studios tip: on a windy day, tuck in your shirt to avoid wind belly).

Lucy + Jimmy laughed, danced and lit up the resort with their smiles.  They were even paparazzi’s in a romantic pose (granted, the paparazzi were family members who happened by with cameras at the ready).

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The Beach; the lure of a beach wedding overruled the initial plans for Vegas nuptials and, with a stunning blue sky, palm trees wafting in the breeze and waves crashing against the shore, the appeal was obvious.  We arrived at the beach with swimsuits and were still laughing along with the boys who were reminiscing their days of uber-geekness in high school.   It was a warm welcome and the clear skies resulted in a stunning sunset.

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Throughout the day Jimmy joked about how he’d love to see Lucy’s hair dripping wet from either taking a dip in the pool or splashing along the beach; it was a sunset wish come true for Jimmy as he and Lucy playfully splashed water on each other.  Rina got splashed as well… by a giant wave… and as she went under, Anton lovingly shouted “Save the flash!!!”  Sadly, the transmitter didn’t make it.  Rina came out a bit water logged but was still able to provide artistic direction, her fuses hadn’t shortened out.

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Lucy + Jimmy, it was fantastic sharing laughs with you!  Not to mention the amazing post e-session steak dinner.  Good food, good company and we are two very happy travellers!  Thank you for inviting us out to the Dominican to share in your wedding adventure (which will be posted soon!)

Love. You. Always.



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