Karen + Jacky :: Wedding Teaser Destination: Edmonton, Alberta

  • Karen + Jacky :: Art Gallery of Alberta wedding photography

Have you ever spotted someone across a crowded room and known, just in that glimpse, that you’d found ‘the one?’ That’s exactly what happened for Jacky. It was his brother Richard’s grad and in one of the photos of Richard and their sister Amy, there, in the background, is Karen. So when Amy asked about Karen, Jacky had a simple reply — you’ve seen her before (he then found the photo on Facebook to prove it).

Within a week of being official Karen had met Jacky’s family. Amy knew her little brother had found the one (she even had a screen grab of the text message to show during her speech). Karen + Jacky are made for each other. They both have quirky personalities and share a cuteness. Their beaming smiles said it all really!

Karen + Jacky, hope you had a fantastic time on your honeymoon!

Love you both!

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Words by Maureen

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