Maureen + Nicholas :: Cherish Destination: London, England

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In times past it was called a Grand Tour — travelling continental Europe to see the sights and be inspired by the culture, art and history of the different nations. In a sense, that’s what Rina + Anthony’s European travels were — a modern day Grand Tour to inspire the senses and indulge the palette.

They stopped off in the UK for a week of their trip & did a Cherish session with Nick & I down in Richmond where there was a historical tie to Nick’s family. In true English fashion the sky was at times grey and bleak and we found ourselves doing a dash to escape the rain, and at other times, it was blue and warm.

It’s been 6 years(!!!) since Nick & I were married and it was amazing to put the dress on again (corset backs are great!) and have some gorgeous wedding portraits not of us as newlyweds, but us as a happily married couple (with our toddler running around in a tutu being bribed with snacks).

Rina + Anton, thank you!!! Nanny Anton did a great job of keeping little miss entertained 🙂 Another time we’ll have to take a picnic to Richmond Park & watch the deer go by.

~ Maureen

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