Yvonne + Peter :: Engagement Feature Destination: Banff, Alberta

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Pete loves Yvonne, and apparently so do animals like elks and deers! While an engagement shoot in the rockies is always fun, having so many elks and deers follow us around was a first for us! And although it was definitely a treat to have the animals close by, at times it was also a bit scary, but we’re sure the whole experience will be memorable for Yvonne and Pete!

Yvonne and Pete met in high school, so it’s safe to call them high school sweethearts. Their journey together has been going on 12 years strong, and although the ongoing Covid pandemic is presenting its challenges, Yvonne’s and Pete’s love for one another carry on stronger than ever.

A small outdoor Banff wedding is in the plans, so it’s possible their new animals friends will join them again!

Thank you for choosing us to photograph your engagement session, and we look forward to seeing your wedding!

Your animal loving friends,

~Rina + Anthony

*No animals or humans were harmed in this photoshoot! They just loved coming to see Yvonne 🙂

“First of all – THANK YOU for making taking photos FUN. We had a great time! I couldn’t stop laughing (even though I thought I WAS smiling when you told me to smile). The places you guys have scouted out were absolutely beautiful! Not to mention, we were a magnet for elk and goats! You guys were very sweet and gave us cues and analogies that made it less awkward for us when taking photos! Although there was a lot of coordination required (cat walk, look at pete, look at you, wave dress, etc), you were great at reminding me when I stopped doing it! You guys were down to climb down rocks to get the best photos to capture the moments (like climbing down the rocks to get to that patch of sun). Lots of memorable moments for me: I didn’t think Peter could carry me AND spin me, and I was impressed that he was able to piggy back me while I was flailing my limbs with the mosquitoes. I can only imagine how sweet and romantic our “eskimo kisses” photos will turn out. And of course, I cannot wait to see the photos of me “petting the back of his head, while he is in a mini squat to match my height”. The dinner was – SO GOOD, and we were SO FULL. No ring of fire for Pete was mentioned the next day! Thank you guys SO MUCH again for the amazing experience, and of course, the dinner at the end! It will definitely be our turn to treat you guys the next time around!”

“You guys made it very easy for us who are very awkward with pictures. Of course my beautiful fiance was absolutely stunning, and did an amazing job, all I had to do was smile and sniff. We had a lot of fun, spinning her in front of the elks and then they started doing their dance too, which was a very memorable moment! Thank you both so much for taking the time to scope out the amazing spots!! Thank you again for such a wonderful experience, not to mention after all that, you bought us dinner!!”

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Words by Anthony

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