Happy + Albert :: Featured Wedding Destination: New York City, New York

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  • Nighttime bridal portraits

Happy loves Hello Kitty and her wedding was a classic day filled with Hello Kitty details; the boys bow ties, to the bridesmaids pink dresses and a Hello Kitty ice sculpture. It was inspiring to see how Happy + Albert personalised their New York wedding.

Happy didn’t get much sleep the night before her wedding, she was so excited! She looked forward to seeing what her bridesmaids would make Albert and his groomsmen do and was not disappointed! The diaper filled with mashed up banana, peanut butter and chocolate grossed Albert out so much that he just couldn’t do it! So his groomsmen stepped up, or rather pushed down, to complete the challenge.

Their first look was an anticipated moment. Happy always says that Albert doesn’t really have facial expressions and was looking forward to surprising him for the first look. As he looked her up and down, he smirked and said ‘yeah, you look good.’

Happy + Albert, thank you for including us in your big day! It was such a beautiful, emotional ceremony and what a party after! Everyone was on the dance floor dancing the night away 🙂 We’re so thrilled to be sharing your inspirational wedding with the The Westchester Wedding Planner and The Wedding Atlas.

Much love,

~Anthony + Rina

“The most memorable moment was the anticipation seeing her in the white dress for the very first time. She was taking a really long time, we were running behind schedule and I was telling myself that it better be worth it, it better not be one of the running late stunt that Happy loves to pull. Lots of things were going through my head, worried, nervous, anxious, it was all worth it after all.” – Albert

“Gas money traveling to Lotus Bridal numerous times to look for the right dress = $50.00; Maggie Sottero Dynasty wedding dress = $1300.00; Making Albert wait over one hour and seeing Albert’s surprise/approve/loving/shock by how beautiful the dress expression = Priceless.

Our first look was definitely my most memorable moment, I remember that face Albert has… knowing he waited for so long and how hot it is outside but seeing him “GLOW” when he saw me in my dress was definitely the best moment.” – Happy

The Details

  • Centrepieces :: Carol’s Florist Design by Carol
  • DJ ::  Exquisite NY
  • Videographer ::  Myther Ganibe Studio
  • Venue ::  Woodbury Country Club
  • Florist ::  Carol’s Florist Design by Carol
  • Cake :: Woodbury Country Club
  • Happy and Albert figurines & Cake Topper :: Max @ dealeasynet from Etsy
  • Stationary :: Love Gallery
  • Hello Kitty Ice sculpture :: Woodbury Country Club
  • Hello Kitty Bow ties: de iDee workhop
  • Hello Kitty glasses :: random shopping
  • Wine Corks :: Friends & Family collection from all over
  • Wine barrel :: Benmarl Winery
  • Hair and Makup :: Coco Liu
  • Favors :: The WeddingMarket from Etsy
  • Photo Booth :: Exquisite NY
  • Wedding Dress and Veil :: Lotus Bridal
  • Wedding shoes :: Jimmy Choo
  • Bridals Jewelry :: Happy’s Dad
  • Grooms Shoes :: La Goddess – in Hong Kong, custom made shoes in Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Grooms outfit :: Blazer, vest, pants – The Lees Shop
  • White shirt :: Calvin Klein


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Words by Maureen

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