Jacqueline + Tommy :: Wedding Teaser Destination: Calgary, Alberta

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What a beautiful, memorable day! For Tommy, the most memorable moment was being at the altar with Jacqueline standing in front of him and their friends and family stood around them. That moment felt so right… tears of joy were pushing their way to the surface! But it’s touch, that moment where he held her hands tightly that spoke volumes. In that simple touch, he was showing her that from here on, he’d be there for her. No matter what happens in the future, whenever she’s nervous, scared, or just happy, he’ll be there to share every moment.

When we are doing our first dance at the restaurant. Tommy almost never dances. He usually just stands beside me or watches me from the table with his beer. It was nice of him to get me the dance floor at the last minute. The first minute or so into the song felt really nice until we both felt awkward dancing in front of everyone. So I really loved how all our friends decided to come out and circle around us and we sing the rest of the song together. – Jackie’s most memorable moment

Much love,
~Anthony + Rina

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Words by Maureen

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