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Just when we thought Vancouver couldn’t get any better, it did! We had a blast shooting Avanti + Ian’s Spring engagement photos (thankfully the weather was a lot warmer than their Winter engagement photos in Lake Louise!) and our tummies had a delicious time at Ian’s parents’ home for dinner! Ian, your mum can COOK! Yummy!!! Thank you for inviting us to join you for dinner on mother’s day weekend nonetheless.

Avanti + Ian, you guys truly embodied Bollywood style and beauty! We’ll never forget how epic the colours of the sunset sky looked and how perfectly it suited your amazing outfits. Or the passer-bys who stopped to take photos of you while we were shooting in the park. We are thrilled to be sharing one of your engagement photos with the readers of Real Weddings British Columbia.

Much love,

~Anthony + Rina

It’s less about a moment and more about the experience as a whole. In our ‘normal’ lives Avanti and I are constantly running around. During our shoot things slowed down, especially for me, and we had a chance to focus on the moment and on us. There were a few moments while Avanti was getting her photo taken alone I had time to watch, admire, and remember all the things I love and appreciate about her. I’ll always remember watching posing on a boulder in high heels with the wind blowing through her hair. Perfection. – Ian

The most memorable part of the photo shoot for me was prancing and twirling around in the bushes wearing a beautiful flowy saree with my favourite person in the whole world. It feel like the perfect Bollywood movie. – Avanti

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Words by Maureen

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