Cynthia + Francis :: Engagement Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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When we reached the canyons outside of Las Vegas, Cynthia mentioned that she heard meeting up with a snake in the desert is a sign of good luck. And although we didn’t come across a snake (thank goodness for reasons that have nothing to do with superstitions!), Cynthia + Francis’ engagement session proved to be filled with plenty of good fortune and fun!

It wasn’t always easy climbing those rocks, as Cynthia can attest, but it was worth it to capture these memorable shots for this stylish couple.

Sometimes what happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas 🙂


~Anthony and Rina


“My most memorable moment during the engagement shoot? There are so many! Overall, I loved the setting of the red rocks in the valley of fire. I keep telling people that it was like being on another planet.

One particular moment that stood out on that amazing day was during one of the poses where Cyn and I were deeper in the canyon area, where we both stood with our eyes closed for a good chunk of the poses. It stood out in my mind because for a few moments it felt like we were alone just being close to each other…but then we opened our eyes and it really emphasized how amazing the backdrop was, especially when we realized how close we were to the edge of the rock the entire time!

Living dangerously a bit added to the already awesome experience ! I definitely won’t forget that!” 



“When your photographers ask you if you want to go down to Las Vegas for your engagement shoot, there is really no way of refusing. Any excuse for a short get-away, especially to SinCity! The drive to the photoshoot location felt like we were driving through one of the scenes from the Disney Movie, Cars. Now we didn’t know what to expect, but when we pulled up to a red, rocky, Mars-like looking setting, we knew this was going to be an unbelievable session.

My most memorable moment occurred about 15 minutes into the photoshoot, where I found Francis’ fly wide open! Whoops! Luckily, we are extremely confident in Anthony and Rina’s photoshopping skills! Nonetheless, he still looked pretty sharp in his outfit, especially after the fly was securely zipped.

On top of that, going to In-and-Out Burger before the shoot may not have been the best idea afterall. We spent a large part of the session reminding ourselves to “suck it in”, but that was a damn good “Animal Style” burger!

Francis and I had so much fun with the shoot and although it was slightly nerve-racking standing atop those red sandstone formations in heels, it was all worth it! We had a breathtaking experience and can’t wait for our big day!”


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Words by Karen

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