Julia + Giovanni :: Engagement Teaser Destination: Edmonton, Alberta

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a thousand is too many. For Giovanni, a picture was worth 4 words: ‘You’ve found the one.’ Giovanni saw a photo of Julia while fixing cabinets at her parents’ house and realised he’d found the one. He just had to meet her now! The opportunity arose weeks later when Julia was at her parents’ house to tell the cabinet fixer (i.e. Giovanni!) what needed fixing.

When we met Julia + Giovanni we could see the spark between them, they fit so beautifully together!

Julia + Giovanni, we can’t wait to shoot your wedding! Giovanni — spoiler alert! Rina had the pleasure of seeing Julia try on her wedding dress and she is GORGEOUS in it!

Much love,
~Anthony + Rina

Our most memorable moment was re-living the moment when we first fell in love while we stared into each others eyes and knowing, yup, he/she is the one. Also, the closest in affection we’ve ever been in public! It was neat holding each other in ways we normally don’t. Hopefully we won’t be as shy for the wedding! – Julia

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Words by Maureen

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