Linda + Ken :: Award Winning Engagement Album Destination: Vancouver, BC

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WPPI Silver Award 2016 Remember the days before WiFi & Selfies? How when people travelled, they stopped somewhere and looked at postcards, choosing one to send home with a short message to say hello rather than sending a picture on Whatsapp? We do! And that inspired us to merge then & now with the creation of a Postcard Engagement Album.

Linda + Ken’s Vancouver engagement photos were turned into a postcard album; some with messages already written to loved ones, some left blank. We wanted to bring back that magic of discovering a box full of memories, where images and words became one in the cute little package that is a postcard!

We’re thrilled that this nostalgic approach to engagement albums has won a Silver Award at the 2016 WPPI! Linda + Ken, thank you for inspiring this award winning album & for enjoying the sights, sounds and delicious food of Vancouver with us!

Wish you were here!

~Anthony + Rina

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Words by Maureen

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