Samantha + Raymond :: Engagement Feature Destination: Drumheller, Alberta

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What do you make two people who are scared of heights do for their engagement shoot? Stand on the edge of a cliff in Drumheller of course! Actually, Drumheller was Samantha + Raymond’s idea, as Drumheller is the birthplace of Samantha’s mother. But we did jump at the chance to shoot this gorgeous couple in the hoodoos.

And in spite of the sweltering heat and the uneven landscape, Samantha + Raymond remained calm and stylish throughout the shoot. Whatever nervous energy they were feeling only translated into loving and supportive looks in front of our lens. Way to go guys!

We can’t wait to capture your upcoming winter wedding. We’ve heard so many wonderful things about it already!


~Rina + Anthony

“One of my favorite moments was being scared about losing my footing while holding Samantha’s hand right at the edge of the cliff with the wind blowing around. I didn’t mention it to anyone … but it was totally worth it!”


“Rina and Anthony created a vision for this photo shoot that really exemplifies who we are. It was an incredible experience to have this photo shoot done in such a breathtaking landscape. In addition to being the birthplace of my mother, I am so excited to have one of the gems of Alberta be the background for these pictures.”


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Words by Karen

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