Marina + Renfred :: Engagement Teaser Destination: Kyoto, Japan

  • Destination engagement photography :: Kyoto, Japan

Marina + Renfred have been so busy with work and building a brand new home in Canada that they were soooo looking forward to a quick get away to another country. And why not to Japan!!! People are friendly, streets are clean, all the awesome tasty food you can eat, and relaxing in an onsen. Japan has such a lovely zen landscape and is a beautiful escape.

Marina + Renfred, it was great to have you both stay with us and get to know you. We have fond memories of cooking delicious Kobe beef – so tasty! We can’t wait to be part of your big magical wedding back at home.

Thank you (Arigatou gozaimasu)
~Anthony + Rina

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Words by Maureen

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