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Love shows itself in many ways. When we shot Karen + Jacky’s engagement photos we saw how love can transform a generally un-animated face into one beaming with smiles. Karen + Jacky are perfect for each other; he’s the calm, stoic type and she’s the bubbly, chatty type.

We’re so glad Jacky said to brave the ugly storm clouds brewing over Edmonton on the day of their engagement shoot. Even though parts of the city had hail, Jacky insisted “Let’s just do it. It will be fun!” And even though a huge cloud rolled in after they arrived, and we had to find shelter, it only lasted for 10 minutes and then the sun came out. It wasn’t just fun, it was awesome.

Karen + Jacky, we had a blast hanging out with you guys & it was great to see Jacky laugh (even if it was only because Karen tickled him!)

Much love,

~Anthony + Rina

“The most memorable moment(s) during the engagement session for me would be…when you and Anthony destroyed nature for the sake of the perfect shots. I felt sorry for the trees and dandelions. Oh! And those poor spiders you kicked away 🙂 Jokes aside, that really did stick out for me because it demonstrated how much effort you and Anthony put in to capture beautiful moments into photos. Aside from that, I loved dancing on top of the hill to get romantic silhouettes and tickling Jacky to get him to genuinely laugh was fun.” – Karen

“The most memorable I recall was having Karen spinning around while holding the fluffy plant, I thought it was pretty cute/romantic and very innovative on your part.” – Jacky

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Words by Maureen

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