Michel + Marc :: Award Winning Engagement Album Destination: Rocky Mountains, Alberta

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Rain rain go away… & thankfully it did! We had a blast in the Rocky Mountains for Michel + Marc’s engagement photos. We took the opportunity to chat when it rained and when the skies cleared we all ran to get the perfect shot! Well done Michel for running in heels on the rocks!

Fortunately the sun was out the next day so all of us, including Michel’s dog Bacardi, could enjoy being on the beach and playing in the water. You know you’re having a good time when you don’t notice a rather expensive bracelet is no longer on your wrist! Michel didn’t notice until we’d left for dinner, but thankfully when we went back Marc was able to find it by the water’s edge.

LOVE was a theme throughout the shoot and emphasised by oversized beach balls declaring LOVE on them! Thankfully we pre-pumped the 3ft and 5ft balls or we may still be there now!!

WPPI Silver Award winning album design and photoraphyMichel + Marc, we had a fantastic weekend getaway in the Rocky Mountains with you! Hope you enjoyed your Poetic Experience with us as much as we enjoyed getting to know the both of you. I don’t think we’ll ever look at Cheetos the same way again after decide the Mountain Goat poo looked like Cheetos! Michel, we’re really sorry you ended up with a tan line trying to avoid shiny skin (from the sunblock) for engagement photos! You worked so hard to avoid tan lines for your dress!! We’re thrilled that your inspiring love won a Silver Award at the 2017 WPPI Awards 🙂

What a perfect weekend to shoot your beautiful engagement. And a nice getaway for everyone!

Love you both

~Anthony + Rina


  1. “Losing and finding my bracelet (thank goodness!). Marc is always the one I call mah fan lol but this time he called me that instead. Although I think the term “big headed shrimp” is more appropriate in that situation lol
  2. “Suck it in!” Hahah constantly telling Marc to suck in his belly during every session.
  3. The weather on the first day was not the greatest but it still worked out. I remember hearing some thunder from far away and hoping it didn’t start to pour. The second day we had great weather. Although, i totally neglected to put on sunscreen so my arms turned lobster red.
  4. Cheetos!!! Trying to avoid stepping on all the dried up mountain goat poop on the rocks while attempting to look graceful and cat walk lol
  5. “Big love balls” and how Rina’s initial google search did not turn out to what she had in mind haha
  6. “Chun mut dee” more passion more passion! Marc and I aren’t overly passionate ppl so it was hard to look chun mut but we tried! OH and let’s not forget “look down her chest” i don’t have anything to look at
  7. Mark forgetting his dress shoes.
  8. Trying to do a ballerina twirl in the water was difficult considering how ungraceful I am lol
  9. The beach was the best. The sand was so soft and the water so incredibly warm. Even my dog had fun running around and getting her face all sandy.
  10. Freaky tree photo op at the very end. That was one scary tree!
  11. I kept hitting Marc in the head with the umbrella on the first shooting site. He never complained one bit!
  12. I got Marc right in the head with the love ball while we were playing dodge ball in the water. It was awesome that Anthony actually caught it on camera too!
  13. We stopped by the beach area on the way home and dropped a pin on it. We wanted to go back and visit since it was so beautiful there (and walk far into the body of water to see how far we can get before it got too deep). We didn’t know the name of the location so we named it “Bracelet Beach”. Another BB abbreviation lol
  14. The cool rainbow that Anthony noticed in the sky. It was not a regular rainbow but instead it was like a ring in the sky. – Michel’s most memorable moments
  1. I think Michel almost loosing her bracelet will be a staple memory just cause that’s not like her. It’s usually me that would loose and forget things ( ex. me forgetting my dress shoes )
  2. The massive love ball! That was awesome and cool looking. The mini love balls were nice also.
  3. Seeing Michel trying to ballerina twirl in the water! Not so graceful but was super cute!
  4. The unusual sky rainbow, first time seeing one.
  5. Getting hit in the face by Michel with a love ball and captured on photo! Hilarious!
  6. Dodging mountain goat poop was funny.
  7. Seeing Michel walking in heels on rocks, she did well.
  8. Beach side location scenery were beautiful. Also the water was nice.
  9. Taking pictures by the waterfall.
  10. Rina’s comment on when she first googled “big love balls”
  11. Taking a picture with a tree which Michel found scary but took the photo anyways. Proud of her.
  12. Always being reminded to suck my gut in lol.
  13. Bacardi climbing a steep edge to get to us while we were at a high spot.
  14. Taking hits on the head with a umbrella by Michel. I still love her after all that.
  15. Seeing Michel trying to walk and strut, so cute.
  16. Nicknaming the beach Michel almost lost her bracelet the Bracelet Beach.
  17. Me and Michel crossing our fingers for no rain during the shoot” – Marc’s most memorable moments

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Words by Maureen

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