Helen + Philip :: Engagement Destination: Jasper, Alberta

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Sometimes the weather does exactly what you want it to do! Philip grew up in the Philippines where it’s HOT so he wanted snow in his engagement photos, but leading up to their engagement photos it was warm and we were sure we’d have brown grass. Lo and behold, the night before we drove to Jasper, it snowed! Hooray! And to top it off the weather wasn’t even that cold when we got there, that is, until the wind picked up!

Helen + Phil had loads of fun playing in the snow. But when the wind picked up we dashed back to the car to warm up! We all had a good laugh when Anthony was underneath a tree and all the fresh snow from the branches fell on him! He literally looked like a snowman!

Helen + Phil, we had loads of fun playing around in the snow with you guys! We’re so glad it snowed for you!

Much love,

~Anthony + Rina

“The shoot was really fun for us overall! Phil and I have never been to Jasper Park Lodge nor Malign Canon so thank you for recommending that location and thanks again for driving out for us despite the poor road conditions.

For myself, I had a couple of memorable moments. I enjoyed the part where you said “snowball fight” and the aftermath of it. I speak for myself but I think Phil was on the same boat. I was a bit confused at first since I wasn’t sure if you actually wanted us to have a snowball fight or just pretend to throw some snow and look pretty. However, I think it clicked in for both Phil and I eventually. At that point it was basically a free for all snowball fight! I went all out, made it rain snow and hit Phil in the head. The aftermath was a whole lot of complaining by him for the rest of the evening. Apparently his ears were freezing after that and he made me warm his ears with my hands several times because of how cold it was. I thought he was just being a baby lol.

The other time I enjoyed was how you and Anthony are so dedicated to your jobs! Not sure what it was, whether it be the wind or some birds, but at Malign Canon the snow kept falling off the trees. I had a good laugh when Anthony was trying to take a picture when a whole load of snow just slide right off the branches and onto him. Like a pro you guys are, he just shrugged it off like a champ.

The kid inside me really wanted to hit the tree and bury Phil in snow but he already seemed grumpy about his ear situation so I didn’t. Hee hee” – Helen

“One is during the first 10 minutes of our shoot that we realized how cold and windy it is that day. Usually, Helen would’ve already been complaining about how cold she is, especially that she is very sensitive with cold temperatures, but she handled it very well. The hugging part of this shoot is probably my favorite because I felt warmer in this position, so it was kinda of a break from the freezing weather (and I also get to hug Helen haha). I was actually the one that ended up complaining how freezing it was, and the snowball that hit my already frozen ears didn’t make it better! lol. I will never forget how beautiful Maligne Canyon is and it made me realized that it was worth driving all the way to Jasper for this.

Having you guys there definitely made it more fun knowing that Helen and I aren’t the only ones suffering from the weather haha. I was very impressed on how you guys endured the cold and still focused on what you had to do. Anthony looked like the weather wasn’t bothering him at all. You guys always impress me with your work.” – Philip

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Words by Maureen

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