Anita + Vincent :: Engagement Teaser (Part 1) Destination: Edmonton, Alberta

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Anita + Vincent have the opposite of one of those ‘meet-cutes’ from rom-coms. A group camping trip and Anita’s first impression of Vincent? Terrible. He was the guy who arrived late. But then he started showing up at a lot more group activities and two people who were unlikely to fall in love, did.

For the first part of their engagement session we celebrated the beauty of Fall in Edmonton 🙂 And even though the great outdoors isn’t where Anita + Vincent fell in love, it’s where they met so an outdoor e-session amongst the trees seemed perfect! Stay tuned for Part 2 where we travel to one of our favourite destinations!

Much love,

~Anthony + Rina

“As for the engagement shoot, I didn’t have a specific most memorable moment. The whole shoot was so much fun! I was quite nervous going into the shoot because Vinny and I are kinda awkward in photos together because we don’t know what to do with ourselves. There were some unique moments like when Rina had to throw my dress in the air to catch the wind and throw leaves for special effect, Vinny and I smelling each others ears for a nice picture and pretend to pick at things that were non-existent on each others clothing. You guys were so good in the detail, such as noticing Vinny’s dry hands and I accidentally gave him too much lotion and therefore my legs got moisturized at the same time. I enjoyed doing this shoot with Vinny because we tried something new for the first time together and had such a good time. I definitely stressed about the day of the shoot but it was such a fun experience to share with each other and we loved your company. We’re so excited to see us look like supermodels! Thank you for the shoot!!” Anita

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Words by Maureen

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