Anita + Vincent :: Engagement Teaser (Part 2) Destination: Lake Louise, Alberta

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Who knew walking on a frozen lake could be so much fun! Anita + Vincent enjoyed themselves as they walked around Lake Louise, enjoying the gorgeous views and fresh air. They even had a mini snowball fight & hands down, Anita won! She said she used to be in a snowball club and while Vincent struggled to make a perfect snowball (his failed before he even threw it), Anita’s were awesome.

After their Edmonton fall e-session, a destination e-session at Lake Louise was the perfect opportunity for Anita + Vincent to get away for a couple of days. Even though it was March there was the chance to get in some last minute skiing & snowboarding before the season ended. And if they didn’t reach the hill, we know why! An all you can eat steak & lobster meal at their hotel for $19.99! Food bellies!!

~Anthony + Rina

“My most memorable moment was easily where we counted down to throw snowballs and was supposed to look at each other after and when I threw mine and turned around, Vince was just standing there holding his snowballs with his back facing me. Haha. Also during that shoot was the first time Vince had ever given me a piggy back ride!” – Anita

“So my most memorable moments from the shoot was when we got to throw snowballs at each other. It’s not everyday you get to throw things at your significant other 😉 Even though I was disadvantaged with my snowball making! Another memorable moment was when we threw the snowballs or in my case snow, in the air which made it feel like those “magical moments” in movies lol!” – Vincent

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